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Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater.

Tankless Hot Water Heater
Are you tired of being disappointed when your shower runs out of hot water in the middle of it? Are you tired of feeling bad about using too much hot water and leaving none for the next person? You can say goodbye to these issues with a Navien tankless hot water heater. Imagine coming home from a long day of work and relaxing in a luxurious, steamy shower for 20-30 minutes without running out of hot water. There will be no more glares from your partner for wasting all the hot water the day before. Hot water is always available on demand with this new system. Not only will you have endless hot water, but you’ll also be pleased with your energy bill at the end of the month. The Navien tankless water heater provides endless hot water and saves you money over time. The Navien tankless water heater is a must-have addition whether you’re remodeling your current home or building your dream home. These adaptable systems are ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Upgrade your home today and enjoy unlimited hot water for less money! One of the most significant advantages of a tankless water heater is its ability to provide an infinite hot water supply. Traditional water heaters have a storage tank that can run out of hot water, but with a tankless system, hot water is heated on demand, so you’ll never run out. Another advantage is its low energy consumption. Tankless water heaters only heat water when needed instead of continuously heating and maintaining a hot water storage tank. This saves significant energy and may lower your monthly energy bill. In addition, tankless water heaters have a longer lifespan than traditional hot water heaters. They have fewer mechanical parts, which means fewer breakdowns, and they don’t have to worry about constantly heating and maintaining a water storage tank. Furthermore, tankless hot water heaters take up less space in your home. They are smaller and can be wall-mounted, saving valuable floor space. Finally, tankless hot water heaters are more environmentally friendly. Compared to traditional hot water heaters, they emit fewer emissions and have a lower carbon footprint.

​Tankless Water Heater Installation

Hot Water Tank
With a Navien tankless water heater, you can finally say goodbye to chilly showers and the anxiety of worrying about running out of hot water. If you need assistance selecting the plumbing system that will work best for your house, whether for an interior or an outdoor installation, one of the plumbing experts at our company will be happy to assist you. Both of these solutions are resistant to the climate of the Pacific Northwest, which means you can have access to hot water throughout the year. There is no limit to the list of advantages that come with tankless systems. During the installation process, you will not need to worry about the quality of your purchase because it comes with a warranty that is good for 15 years. This renovation will not only increase the value of your home, but it will also give your home a more streamlined and contemporary appearance. Because of its small size, the tankless water heater powered by natural gas allows you to free up more important space in your garage. The Navien app gives you complete command over your hot water system by enabling you to adjust the settings and providing notifications for necessary maintenance even while you are not at home. In addition, because there is no tank to be concerned with, there is no possibility of it exploding or leaking, for that matter. The price of a gas tankless water heater can range anywhere from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars, but considering that they can last for as long as 20 years, they are an investment that is well worth it. Suppose you already have a line for natural gas. In that case, the installation cost is significantly reduced, and you will be able to take advantage of natural gas’ numerous benefits, including significant savings on your energy bill. Invest in a tankless water heater from Navien to modernize your house and provide you with hot water whenever you need it.

Types of Tankless Water Heaters

Dials on a Tankless Hot Water Heater
There are two varieties available to choose from when it comes to tankless water heaters: condensing and non-condensing. Although both are superior to conventional water heaters in terms of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness, the condensing model is the ideal alternative regarding technological advancement and energy efficiency. The initial investment may be more expensive, but you will see significant cost reductions in your monthly energy expenses over time. It is also a machine awarded the Energy Star certification, making it a worthy investment. Per our recommendations, maintenance for a condensing tankless water heater should be performed once a year at the very least. Compared to the non-condensing water heater, which only achieves an efficiency rating of 80%, the condensing water heater achieves a rating of 96%. A non-condensing system necessitates using a concentric metal pipe three inches in diameter and five inches in length. In contrast, a condensing system can use pipe made of PVC, making its installation more manageable. Condensing systems also have the option for an on-demand recirculation adjustment, making it possible to have instant hot water by using the Hot Button controller and doing away with the need to wait for hot water. This provides an even higher level of convenience than standard systems. When you turn on the sink’s faucet, the tankless hot water system activates the flow sensor to determine how much water will be needed to meet the demand. This, in turn, causes the igniter in the tankless system to become activated, and the computer then determines the proper ratio of gas to fuel to initiate the ignition process. The heat exchanger is then used to pre-heat the cold water, and the water is recirculated through the first and second chambers to reheat the water quickly. The outgoing sensor will adjust the flame to the desired temperature once the hot water is ready. It will then send the water to the buffer tank, which will eventually pass through the pipes and to the running faucet. To get on-demand hot water that is also efficient with energy, consider upgrading to a Navien tankless water heater.

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Are you prepared to switch to a tankless water heater from Navien? You can get one from your installer, but you can also get one at the hardware store in your area. Neither option is exclusive to the other. But why go with Navien instead of any of the other brands? The solution can be found in the overall cost of operations. While different tankless water heaters can function at over 200 therms, Navien tankless water heaters operate at roughly 175 therms. Because of this, over time, using Navien will result in cost reductions for your monthly energy costs. We know that switching to a tankless water heater may incur an initial investment; however, the money you will save on your monthly energy bills will quickly make up for this, and the investment will pay for itself in a matter of years rather than decades. In addition, the Snohomish PUD occasionally provides utility subsidies for converting to a tankless hot water system. Navien water heaters have earned the Energy Star certification, which means you save money and contribute to a greener future for future generations. Get instant hot water, an improved lifestyle, and a better financial standing by calling us for a free estimate and installation services. This will be the first step towards getting instant hot water. Make the switch to a tankless water heater from Navien now.

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